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La Storia

A three-generation history

L'Approdo started in 1968 not as a beach resort but as a kiosk for selling drinks chilled by using ice bricks, on a stretch of beach to the south of Porto Potenza Picena along the Conero Riviera.

Artfully built by Cavalier Balduino Spinaci, over the years the kiosk was enlarged and passed on to his son, Armando, and his wife, Enrica, who have been running it to the present day with many efforts. L'Approdo today is managed by the third generation represented by Lorenzo and Benedetta.

Thanks to the constant willingness of the owners to improve since the outset, L'Approdo has turned into a beach resort with a well-equipped beach that provides all comforts, including a bar and restaurant, open all year round.

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